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What Are The Signs Of Pet Obesity?

For dogs and cats, an ideal weight is based on factors such as age, breed, gender and build. Where your own pet is on the scale may seem like a gray area. Here are a few signs to look for to determine if your pet needs to drop a few pounds, along with some suggestions […]


Diagnostically Speaking… Pets, tests and all the rest!

As a pet owner, it’s important to ensure that your furry family members receive the medical attention necessary to stay healthy. While an annual exam is an excellent way to accomplish this, it is also vital to run diagnostic tests similar to those run on humans, to “see on the inside” what the outward exam […]


Heartworm Disease Is Everywhere…

Why You Need To Protect Your Pets Now It used to be that heartworm disease – one of the most invasive parasitic worms known in the pet world – was something only found in warmer, humid climates. Spread by mosquitoes, heartworm disease has devastating effects on dogs and, yes, even cats by invading internal organs […]


Does Your Pet Have Springtime Allergies?

It’s springtime, and the pollen, grass and ragweed are causing sniffling and sneezing, and watery eyes across the country. But did you know that your pet can suffer from seasonal allergies, too? A survey performed by a major animal health pharmaceutical company found that more than half of pet owners don’t even know their dog […]


Smile! It’s Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month is February and a great time to raise awareness of the importance of pet oral wellness. Dental disease in pets is similar to what happens with people, except that we usually take care of our smiles several times a day, while your pet does not. Just think of how your mouth […]


4 Tips For Getting Healthy With Pets

The new year is a great time to make positive change in our lives. By far the most popular change that many people make is to get healthy. This may include committing to a new way of eating, more exercise and taking better care of yourself overall. If change is good for you, it can […]


Caring for your Cat

Annual Examinations Cats are independent creatures, but they do require medical attention just like dogs. Wellness exams provide a baseline for your cat’s health and can uncover issues before they become serious. Vaccinations It’s easier and more cost-effective to vaccinate your cat than deal with the diseases the vaccinations help prevent. From FIV to rabies, cats need vaccinations… even if […]


Summer is Hot, make sure your pet is not!

Summer is fun, but the heat can be dangerous for your pet. Follow these tips on what to do when the heat is on. http://www.pawstime.com/pdflibrary/Hotspot_August_2014.pdf

Take the Heat out of Hot Spots

What starts as an irritated patch of skin, can quickly grow into an inflamed and oozing hot spot on a dog’s chest, back or paws. Hot spots need prompt attention to relieve painful itching and begin the healing process. This article discusses what hot spots are how they are treated and measures that can be […]

All About Ears

Sometimes there is nothing cuter than a dog’s perky ears, but when they’re infected the ears can take on a painful life of their own. This April, we discuss external, middle and inner ear infections, treatments, and signs and symptoms that pet owners should look for in their dogs and cats such as foul odor, […]