Dr. Chelsea Schwarb is originally from Boston and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the
University of Massachusetts – Amherst. She completed veterinary school in the West Indies at
St. George's University and finished her clinical year at the University of Georgia in 2013. She
elected to extend her formal training at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson for a one-year
internship in small animal medicine and surgery. She spent the following two years as a Senior
Emergency Clinician at a large specialty referral hospital in Michigan before coming to join the
Wixom Family Pet Practice in June 2017.
Dr. Schwarb has a special interest in ultrasonography and plans to continue additional training
to offer this non-invasive diagnostic service to her patients. She truly enjoys forming close
bonds with her patients and their families and treats every pet based on their own unique set of
needs. Her other interested include nutrition, behavior medicine, preventative care, and
emergency medicine.
When Dr. Schwarb is not at the clinic, she is busy trying  to keep up with her 2 year-old son,
Owen. Her and her husband enjoy taking their son to the zoo, the park, and to visit the duck
pond. Her personal interests include yoga, gardening, cooking, and watching the Patriots
dominate the NFL. Their first baby is their 7 year-old Goldendoodle, named Penelope who they
have had since veterinary school. Penelope has a cat named Loki and a recently adopted
brother, a 130lb Great Dane named Sebastian.